Chapter Elections

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2023-2024 Board Directors Elections

Voting has closed! New board members will be announced July 2023.

Overview of the Election Process

The Montana Chapter conducts Board of Directors elections each summer to fill positions that will become vacant on June 30. Student Representative members hold office for one year, so these positions are included in each election cycle. Most other Board positions are two-year terms, and the terms of these members are staggered so that approximately one-half become vacant each year. The Board President serves a two-year term, after serving one year as President-Elect. The position of the President-Elect is filled with appropriate timing so that the President-Elect will serve at the same time as the President is serving his or her second year in office.

The Executive Committee serves to develop a slate of candidates for elections and, in conjunction with Chapter staff, oversees the conduct of the election process each year. The Montana Chapter follows the NASW Chapter Standards for Nominations and Elections in its development of the slate of candidates for and the conduct of all Chapter elections. After nominations close, all eligible nominees will be put on the ballot and member voting will take place in early June to fill vacancies by July 1.

2023 Candidate Nomination Process

    • Election nominations opened: Wednesday March 8th, 2023
    • Election nominations closed: Wednesday May 17th, 2023

All members of the Association in good standing are eligible to be elected to leadership positions and to nominate other eligible members. The committee seeks a diverse group of candidates with a desire to ensure the continued success of this chapter and nationally. You can nominate yourself to a leadership position OR nominate another eligible member. Send any questions to Gavin Wisdom, Board President at

2023 Nomination Forms and Position Descriptions

2023 Positions Open for Election Nominations:
    • President/President Elect – 3-year term
    • First Vice President – 2-year term
    • BSW/MSW Student Representatives – 1-year term
    • Region Representatives – 2-year terms
      • North Central Region Rep (1 opening)
      • Northwest Region Rep (1 opening)
      • Southwest Region Rep (1 opening)
      • South Central Region Rep (1 opening)
      • At Large Member Rep (1 opening)