Interim Executive Director
Kimberly Harper, LCSW (WY, MO, AR), ACSW

302 Last Chance Gulch, Suite 400B

Helena, MT 59601

Phone: 406.449.6208

Kimberly Harper never planned to be a social worker though it turns out she’s a good one! She describes her focus as "empowering individuals and organizations to define and achieve goals through an organized and practical approach grounded in the worth of all persons."

Aristotle said, “Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach.”

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (in Wyoming, Missouri, and Arkansas) with over 30 years in the social work field, Kimberly has an extensive background in social work “doing.” She worked as a medical social worker in a variety of settings with a heart for persons managing chronic illnesses, at end of life, and grieving. She has worked in a variety of roles developing and implementing programs. She spent almost a decade as the Executive Director for the Wyoming Chapter of NASW. She has an equally extensive “doing” resume as an ordained minister active in her faith community.

Throughout her career, Kimberly has sought and enjoyed the “teaching” side of social work – with individuals, groups and families in clinical practice, with undergraduate and graduate students as UW School of Social Work faculty and as a field instructor for student practicum placements, with emerging professionals as a clinical supervisor for licensure, and through the presentation of numerous workshops and professional trainings.

Following an unexpected life change, Kimberly and her daughter decided the best way to heal was to take a year and travel the world. Twenty-four countries and countless amazing experiences later, her daughter is in college and Kimberly has been pursuing opportunities as a social worker for hire. She most recently developed and implemented an on-site behavioral education program for a homeless shelter in Arkansas.