Social Work Rising

Empowerment Across the Big Sky

Social Work in Montana is on the rise and you are a big part of its progress! In recent years we have seen increasing numbers of social work graduates, growth in numbers of Licensed Clinical Social Workers across the Treasure State as well as boosts within our membership’s engagement in trainings, lobbying efforts, and participation in NASW-MT sponsored activities. The growing infusion of social work advocacy and values has contributed to the overall safety and support of Montana’s communities.

During the past two legislative sessions, Social Work has made giant leaps in its professional standing through two landmark bills that now have become law. Tiered Licensure (MAR 24.219.501) has been established which legitimates social work across educational degrees and scope of practice. Title Protection in Section Two of SB 102 now confirms that social work is an independent practice that is unique from other human service professionals.

It is undeniable. Social Work is Rising in Montana! The growth and legitimacy of social work practice deserves to be celebrated far and wide across the Big Sky. NASW-MT has coordinated with members of our community to explore Montana’s wilderness this summer and push themselves to meet their own individual outdoor goals while celebrating and spreading awareness of who social workers are and how we contribute to support Montana.

As in many social work endeavors, we are looking to create collaboration. As Montana’s adventurers head out across the Big Sky to conquer their pursuits, we are seeking sponsorship to make their goals a success.

Your contribution to this event will support this momentum so that the social work profession will continue to rise.

Please support the growth of social work in Montana and sponsor an outdoor pursuit today!

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