Walla Walla Billings NASW Student Member Sponsorship Program


We know that Montana graduates 90 MSWs annually, and that most of you will pursue licensure upon graduation. Your NASW-Montana Chapter is your best connection to the support you need before, during, and after you earn your 3,000 documented hours of clinical supervision.

NASW Montana thinks this is so important our members want to "sponsor" your student membership in NASW for the coming year! Over the last 4 years NASW Montana members have sponsored over 100 MSW student's NASW Memberships!

Because we also know the financial demands placed on newly graduated MSW students are extraordinary our members will sponsor a MSW student's first year membership fee of $48!

Students members enjoy all the benefits of full membership!

Moreover, after graduation, NASW student members enter a generous three-year transitional period that features reduced dues of $94 in years one and two, and $143 in year three. However, transitional NASW memberships are only available to student members. Regular membership annual dues are $190, so it pays for them to join as students and take advantage of NASW's optimal transitional rates.

I will provide you with the simple details of how this program works, and review how NASW Montana supports our "license eligible" social workers.

I look forward to meeting you on Monday, October 21st at 1:00, and to welcome you into Montana's foremost "community of professional support."

Kind regards,

JW NASW MT Signature