Clinical Supervisor Registry

The NASW Montana Clinical Supervisor Registry is provided as a service. Licensed clinicians (Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists) that have completed the Clinical Supervision Training Course will be listed at no charge during the calendar year in which the training was completed. 

Persons who are Regular or Associate* members of NASW and meet the Qualified Supervisor requirements in Montana may request to be added to the Registry at no cost as long as NASW membership is active at the beginning of the calendar year. Remining on the registry requires continued membership in NASW. If your membership is not active at the beginning of the calendar year, you will be removed from the list and can be returned to the list by notifying the Chapter of renewal of membership or by paying the non-member fee.

Effective January 2023, any clinician not a member of NASW that meets the Qualified Supervisor requirements in Montana may request to be added to the Registry for an annual fee of $10.

Registry listings may include the following: name, license, contact information (address, email, phone), geographical area served, and specific client populations served. 

Please email with any questions or updates to your listing. 

*Note: NASW Associate Members are persons that do not have a social work degree, but have a professional interest in, or are supportive of, the issues addressed by, or the client populations served by, the social work profession. Associate members receive all the educational and participatory benefits of a regular member, and agree to abide by the NASW Code of Ethics.  Associate members may not hold national or chapter elective office. After five years of continuous membership, associate members are granted the right to vote in national or chapter elections.

Shawn Abbot, LCSW

License: LCSW #479

Phone: (406) 761-1700

Community: Great Falls

Amy Allison Thompson, LCSW

License: LCSW #4636


Phone: (406)531-4557

Community: Great Falls

Specialty:  Domestic violence, LGBTQ+ issues, women’s issues.

Anne Arrington, LCSW, CRC, CCM

License: LCSW #2217


Phone: (406) 721-0691

Community: Missoula

Melody Barnes, LCSW, LAC

License: LCSW # 699, LAC #423


Phone: 406-926-6360

Community: Missoula

Specialty: Trauma and loss, co-occurring disorders, spectrum disorders, opioid dependence.

Peggy L. Barta, LCSW, LMFT

License: LCSW #63


Phone: (406) 672-9212

Community: Billings

Specialty: Adults, families, and couples. Depression, trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship issues, aftercare following substance abuse treatment.

Dr. Vicki Burford, LCSW

License: LCSW #77


Phone: 406 860-6658

Community: Billings

Stephen J. Burrows, LCSW

License: LCSW #2329


Phone: 406-969-2273

Community: Billings

Shirley Cayko, LCSW

License: LCSW #803


Phone: 406-268-1069

Community: Great Falls

Dan Carlson-Thompson LCSW

License: LCSW #306

Phone: 406 465 2022

Community: Helena 

Specialty: Children, Adults and Families 

Tim Dallacqua, LCSW

License: License: LCSW #895


Phone: 406 868 8017

Community: Great Falls

Dawn DeVor, LCSW

License: LCSW #4666


Community: Billings

Julie Fleck, LCSW

License: LCSW #304


Phone: 883-4061, 745-3681

Community: Polson, St. Ignatius

Jacqueline A. Foster, LCSW

License: LCSW #455


Phone: 406-683-6219

Community: Dillon

Specialty: Women’s issues, domestic violence, parenting, PTSD, anger management, family therapy, depression, anxiety, behavioral health-tobacco cessation, weight management.

Megan Goudie, LCSW

License: LCSW


Phone: 406-201-9324

Community: Bigfork / Kalispell

Specialty: Adolescents and young adults

Lisa Hjelmstad, LCSW, LMFT, LAC

License: LCSW #957; LMFT #51; LAC #1410


Phone: 406-672-2693

Community: Laurel, Billings and Hardin

F. Malcolm Horn, LCSW, LAC, MAC

License: LCSW # 846, LAC # 1226, MAC


Phone: 406-248-3175 x 430

Community: Billings

Specialty: Addictions, eating disorders and families.

Cynthia Hutchinson, LCSW, LMFT

License: LCSW # 8038; LMFT # 2376


Phone: 406-657-1049

Community: Billings

Neil Kidwell, LCSW

License: LCSW #906


Phone: (406)896-1000

Community: Billings

Maureen Kirchhoff, LCSW

License: LCSW 732


Phone: 307-763-6807

Community: Current in Neah Bay, WA; Relocation soon.

Andrew Laue, LCSW

License: LCSW #370


Phone: 406 327 9445

Community: Missoula

Specialty: Adults 25 and older, individuals, couples and families. High conflict dyadic systems, traumatic loss, disabling and potentially terminal illnesses, content knowledge of child/adolescent developmental issues, as well as chemical dependency training, though not an LAC..

Pamela A Leach, LCPC

License(s): LCPC


Phone: 406 522-1132

Community: Bozeman

Specialties: EMDR, DBT, interpersonal, ego state, two chair, marriage and family, sand tray, group

Joe Loos, LCSW

License: LCSW #260


Phone: (406) 721-5013

Community: Missoula

Specialty: Children, families, parenting issues, attachment.

Kellie Mildenberger, LCSW

License: LCSW #12774


Phone: 406.363.2873

Community: Hamilton

Tim Payne, LCSW, LAC

License: LCSW # 623, LAC # 1288


Phone: 406-370-4029

Community: Missoula

Specialty: Co-occuring

Jeanette Prodgers, LCSW

License: LCSW #4650


Phone: 406-925-0592

Community: Dillon

Gypsy Ray, LCSW

License: LCSW #1013


Phone: 406-880-0977

Community: Polson

Ann Szalda-Petree, Ph.D., LCSW

License: LCSW #893


Phone: 406-550-2271

Community: Missoula

Erin Saxer, LCSW, LCPC

License: LCSW # 12397, LCPC # 4639


Phone: (406) 530-9390

Naomi Thornton, LCSW

License: LCSW #1016


Phone: 406-544-1278

Community: Missoula

Kathleen J. Wagner, LCSW

License: LCSW #785, LMFT #42


Phone: 406-245-1338

Community: Billings

DisclaimerAlthough completion of the approved 20 hour Clinical Supervisor training course conforms with 24.219.421(5)    SUPERVISOR QUALIFICATIONS, Clinical Supervisor Training Course graduates inclusion in the NASW Montana Clinical Supervisor Registry, does not, in any way, imply an endorsement of any course graduate’s professional or ethical effectiveness with any LCSW, LCPC, or LMFT in training practitioner.  Each candidate for licensure is strongly advised to thoroughly evaluate their potential supervisor’s qualifications, experience and references prior to engaging in a clinical supervisory relationship, and executing a mutually agreed upon “Supervision Agreement.”