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To post a job listing for placement on, please enter information in the fields below.

The cost of posting a job listing (including a link for your organization) on is $50.00 per month. Please limit your advertisement copy to a maximum of 100 words.

Once you have entered the required below information and clicked “submit,” please select how many months you would like your job post to run. Chose an option and click “Add to Cart.” A new browser window will open; continue by submitting your payment information via PayPal. Please then send a direct email to Ann Truesdell at with the job information you would like posted.

After your ad is posted, we send a personalized email to the near 500 NASW Montana members for whom we have email addresses!   We know this helps with getting the “word out” about your position as between 40-50% of these emails are opened by NASW members.

You will not need to create a PayPal account to submit payment for a job posting.